Time Server App has Launched

Time Server App has Launched


PublicNTP is thrilled to announce the release of a free Android app Time Server. I’m proud of this product. I worked closely with the rest of the PublicNTP team in bringing this app to life. I had an opportunity to practice what I preach in the product development of the Time Server App. We totally followed the Make – Show – Measure – Learn – React cycle. The Time Server app is a reflection of both PublicNTP’s vision for the future and a sizeable portion of our concerted efforts in the last two years. With Time Server, you’ll be able to have and redistribute some of the most accurate time on the planet.




PublicNTP’s mission is increasing the number of unrestricted, accurate, reliable, network-accessible digital time references around the world. To achieve our mission, PublicNTP takes maximum advantage of technology built by others who came before us and was generously open-sourced for the public good. In line with that spirit of openness, PublicNTP is dedicated to proliferating tools and information with the express hope others can and will build upon our work. PublicNTP hopes you’ll explore the Time Server’s open-source, MIT-licensed source code on GitHub and contribute changes that take it far beyond PublicNTP’s original vision.

This app was born out of a brainstorming session with Terry Ott and myself. We roughed out the main concepts in the fall of 2016. We then presented the proof of concept to the other board members of the PublicNTP organization, Brad Woodfin, and Dan Noland.

PNTP Board Meeting

Together we hammered out what an MVP would look like. It didn’t take long before we had designed and built a fully functional app.

Time Server App Outside GPS

If you have an Android device, download the Time Server App and kick the tires.

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