Create a MySQL DB Instance in Amazon RDS

Create a MySQL DB Instance in Amazon RDS

Use the Amazon RDS console to launch a MySQL DB instance. If you choose a Multi-AZ deployment this ensures that your database will failover and continue to be available if the master DB instance goes out of service. But for our purposes we will launch a single instance db in a single AZ that is eligible for the free tier.

To launch an RDS DB instance in a default VPC

  1. Open the RDS console.
  2. Choose Instances in the navigation pane.
  3. Choose Launch DB Instance.
  4. Choose a DB Engine and preset configuration (Select MySQL).
  5. Choose Dev/Test
  6. Choose Only enable options eligible for RDS Free Usage Tier
  7. Under Specify DB Details, choose a DB Instance Class. For high availability, set Multi-AZ Deployment to No.
  8. Under Settings, enter values for DB Instance Identifier, Master Username, and Master Password (and Confirm Password). Note the values that you entered for later.
    • DB Instance Identifier*mydbinstance
    • Master Username*rdsuser
    • Master Passord*rdspassword
  9. Choose Next.
  10. For Network and Security settings, choose the following:
    • VPCDefault VPC
    • Subnet Groupdefault
    • Publicly AccessibleNo
    • Availability ZoneNo Preference
    • VPC Security GroupsDefault VPC Security Group
  11. For Database Name, type rdsdb, and verify the default settings for the remaining options. Note the values of the following options:
    • Database Namerdsdb
    • Database Port3306
  12. Choose Launch DB Instance.

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